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2123850034022514709-account id=4.png My name is Melissa Boucher I graduated from Buffalo State with a degree in Technology Education. I currently work at Troy Middle school while pursuing my masters degree at UAlbany. I'm 25 years old and live Latham, NY. Over the summer I work at a camp that is technology driven and helps develop skills of excelling students. In my free time I enjoy watching football, playing guitar and reading.

My Topic/Purpose

The intention of this course is to instruct how to enhance project based learning with Google applications. However the course will begin with instruction on how to create a Project that can be considered project based learning. Then the course will begin to instruct on how to make a project better using google applications.

Needs Assessment

This needs assessment will be based off of a survey completed by ten middle school teachers. All teachers involved are currently employed in a urban school district. The school provides a significant amount of technology that is intended to be implemented within each teachers class. The survey was provided to teachers that have a wide range of technology experience and therefore skill.

Results of Assessment:

After completing the survey linked above participants showed a need to learn about the following areas:

  • How to design a Project that can be used for Project Based Learning
  • What is Google Sketchup and how it can help Project Based Learning
  • How Google Docs can facilitate meaningful collaboration within a project.
  • How to Assess a project using Google Sites.

Analysis of the Learner and Context

This course is intended for teachers that have employment with a school district that has access to computers either desktops or chromebooks. Also students of this course need to have an interest in attempting a way of teaching that is not lecture prominent and leaves the instructor taking on a facilitation role.

Performance Objectives

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Create a Project that is designed to guide the class in its learning process throughout a unit.
  • Set up a google doc to facilitate collaboration.
  • Instruct on how Sketchup is beneficial for modeling.
  • Assess a project by having students use Google Sites.

Task Analysis

Prerequisites Necessary to participate in this course:

  • Must have a Google account
  • Basic skills in Google Docs ( Ex. Sharing a doc)
  • Basic skills in Google Sites

Unit 1 - How to Create a Project - Students will be able to identify the systematic steps involved with creating a project for a project based learning assignment. - Students will be able to explain and demonstrate all steps by creating their own project.

Unit 2 - Google Docs and Collaboration

-Students will be able to create a Google Doc format that will be conducive for collaboration. -Students will be able to prepare for Google doc issues and create a doc that will remove a portion of the issues.

Unit 3 - Google Sites and Project Assessment

-Students will be able to create an assessment for their projects that are not testing based.

-Students will be able to use Google sites as a way for to assess student knowledge and skill level, that was clarified in the objectives.

Curriculum Map

References and Resources