SMART Notebook 11



Welcome to the SMART Notebook 11 mini-course. This course has been created to help educators learn how to utilize the SMART Notebook program in their classroom. Over the course of these units you will be creating lessons that will increase in complexity. This course will have an introduction to what SMART Notebook is, how to navigate the program, creating a lesson, and sharing it. I am excited that you will be joining me on this journey!


Mbcheck.png What is SMART Notebook?
Mbcheck.png Why should I use it?
Mbcheck.png How can I create interactive and engaging lessons.


Unit 1: What is SMART Notebook 11

  • Learners will examine the program, its uses, and discuss what they hope to learn.

Unit 2: Navigating the program

  • Learners will examine different aspects of the program by following instructional videos and completing a quiz.

Unit 3: Creating lessons in SMART Notebook 11

  • Learners will practice creating a basic lesson utilizing a checklist.

Unit 4:Let's make our lessons interactive

  • Learners will manipulate the lesson they created to make it interactive.

Unit 5: Time to see what we can do

  • Learners will generate a lesson that utilizes all of the aspects of SMART Notebook 11.


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