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Project Home
Project Home

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S. Brian VanGorder

Project Home Brian's Mini-Course

ETAP spring 2013

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Intent of Project

The intent of this workshop is to teach and assist teachers create "ebooks" for smartbaords using PowerPoint software. This is so teachers can display the text and the picture at the same time as if they were reading a "big book." My goal is for the teachers to be able to locate and utilize all of the state resources to create spiraled common core ELA lessons. The eBooks will replace the disjointed reading of a script while looking at the picture on a projector screen.

Learning Goals

The learners will be able to:

  • Locate and download the engageNY materials
  • Use snip tool to acquire images
  • acquire PowerPoint basics
  • Start to develop advanced PowerPoint skills
  • Add additional multimedia extensions for lessons

Needs Assessment


  • Teachers need a visual interactive way to do close reads and discuss reading texts from the EngageNY curriculum in their classroom using Interactive whiteboards. Most of the teachers are not confident and trained in how to use much of the software on their computers.

What is to be learned:

  • The curriculum will involve Locating and downloading the engageNY materials, and then using various software programs to create ebook formats to be used on promethean boards in the classroom to increase students’ achievement.

The learners:

  • The learners are grade level teachers ranging from pre-k to 4th grade. These teachers all have the technology and software to create these artifacts and will soon possess the skills to accommodate that software.


  • I will be working with grade level teams in an afterschool workshop setting. These workshops will generally consist of myself and 4 learning teachers. The workshop will be held in one of the teacher’s classroom and they will each have their own computer while I model on the promethean board for all to see.

Problem and solution:

  • Learning teachers will observe and then create their own ebooks through a group interactive tutorial that will allow them to ask questions and interact with the instructor.


  • Each teacher will be able to go on the state’s website find the text and then be able to obtain the text and words then create an ebook which they can read, manipulate, and use in the classroom.

Task Analysis

Purpose: The core purpose of this e-course is to help teachers better implement New York States new ELA curriculum. The state’s new program aligns itself with common core and the instructional shifts expected to happen across the state. My course will assist teachers to create e-books for the stories that accompany the series curriculum.

  • Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course the teachers will be able to:

  • Understand what an e-book is and how they are beneficial to students
  • See the value in creating and using e-books in their classroom.
  • Locate and identify the resources needed to create e-books.
  • Use assistive software on the Window’s Operating system to acquire images for the e-book.
  • Navigate and use Microsoft’s PowerPoint program.
  • Create e-book slides using the PowerPoint program.
  • Add extra features such as videos, audio clips, etc to their e-book experience.

Prerequisite Skills

Essential Prerequisites: In order to succeed in the class the following skills and knowledge are necessary:

  • Understand the basics of internet operation (browser bar navigation, search engine use etc).
  • Understand basics of computer hardwear (mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc.)
  • Understand the basics of the Windows operating system.

Supportive Prerequisites:

  • These skills will assist you greatly in being able to access the material of this class.
  • Be knowledgable about how to operate the Promethean ActivInspire software and SmartBoard.
  • Understand the purpose of the state ELA curriculum.
  • Have a basic understanding of PowerPoint and how to operate it.
  • Be aware of the New Common Core standards, and the NY instructional shifts.
  • Be open-minded about technology and its usefulness in the classroom.

Performance Objectives of Workshop

  • When developing curriculum for EngageNY ELA program the teacher will be able to capture images using Microsoft’s Snipping tool and utilizing them in a PowerPoint presentation.
  • When developing curriculum for EngageNY ELA program the teacher will be able to add and format new slides that will be used in their eBooks. This will be displayed by creating a 10 slide eBook with PowerPoint.
  • When creating lessons based on EngageNY’s ELA program the teacher will be able to create a PowerPoint eBook by creating new slides and inputting the pictures and text.

Curriculum Map



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