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Instructions: ... For this exercise I will like for you to reflect on a current class that you are teaching or a class that you have taught in the past. We are going to examine how your class may behave in different scenarios. Remember the dynamics of that class. This is your anchor to reality. Feel free to use the physical components of that environment to construct your role playing classroom.

The scenario takes place over a day and will present you with an opportunity to reflect on your interaction with the class. The role playing is designed to give an idea of your student population, student relationships, student interaction with the instructor. Please fill in the missing sections. Then email the final product for analysis. If further clarification is need please email me. Email:__________

A Day with my Class:

You are the instructor of a(n) ____ grade ________ class. You have been with the class for several weeks and you have a grasp on their personalities, traits and areas that need improvements. It is Tuesday, and you excited to continue the lesson on __________________ from the previous day.