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Teaching Problem Solving in Algebra using the Graphing Calculator

The purpose of this mini-course is to show participants how to solve common core algebra problems using the graphing calculator (TI-84 plus). Students often do not know how to properly use the graphing calculator as a tool to help them solve problems on the common core Algebra I exam. There are multiple ways to solve common core algebra problems, and the graphing calculator can be a helpful tool in many different ways. Students need to know how to use the graphing calculator and be able to identify which problems can be solved using the graphing calculator in order to be more successful in common core algebra. This topic incorporates 21st century skills such as problem solving and using technology to solve problems.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify different ways to solve common core algebra problems.
  • Determine which common core algebra problems can be solved using a graphing calculator.
  • Implement graphing calculator skills to solve common core algebra problems.
  • Describe the steps to solving a common core algebra problem using the graphing calculator.
  • Construct algebra lesson plans incorporating the graphing calculator.

Needs Assessment


Gather Information:

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Analysis of the Learner

Task Analysis

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