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Below are some resources that may be helpful in understanding and/or teaching phonemic awareness.

(Inclusion in this listing does not represent recommendation or endorsement. These resources are provided for mini-course participants' educational purposes only. Evaluation of these resources for use in practice with students is the responsibility of the participant and others involved in the education of said students.)

On the web:

Phonemic awareness programs examined by Santi (Santi,, 2004, p.190):

  1. Ladders to Literacy (O'Connor, Notari-Syverson, & Vadasky, 1998)
  2. Launch into Reading Success (Bennett & Ottley, 1996)
  3. Phonemic Awareness in Young Children (Adams, Foorman, Lundberg, & Beeler, 1998)
  4. Phonological Awareness Training for Reading (Torgesen & Bryant, 1994)
  5. Road to the Code (Blachman, Ball, Black, & Tangel, 1998)
  6. Sounds Abound (Catts & Vartiainen, 1993)
  7. The Sounds Abound Program (Lenchner & Podhajski, 1997)
  8. Kindergarten Peer-Assisted Literacy Strategies (K-PALS; Mathes, Torgesen, & Menchetti, 2001)