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About Miriam Ramos' Portfolio

Onepaw.gifConcept to Classroom

Onepaw.gifCreating a WebQuest: It's Easier than You Think!

Onepaw.gifKathy Schrock Webquest Page

Onepaw.gifPreparing Your Pets for Emergencies Makes Sense. Get Ready Now. Homeland Security

Onepaw.gifASPCA Animalessons® Emergency Preparedness

Onepaw.gifSome Thoughts by Webquests by Bernie Dodge, San Diego University

Onepaw.gifTechsoup An Introduction to Inquiry-Based Learning

Onepaw.gifThe WebQuest Place

Onepaw.gifUsing the Internet to Promote Inquiry-based Learning by David S. Jakes, Mark E. Pennington and Howard A. Knodle

Onepaw.gifYouthLearn: Learning How to Develop an Inquiry-Based Project

Onepaw.gifSchweizer, H. and Kossow, B. Webquests: Tools for Differention. Gifted Child Today, Winter 2007, Vol 30, no 1.

Onepaw.gifYoder-Brown, M. The Student Webquest: A Productive Thought-Provoking Use of the Internet. Lead & Leadning with Technology, 1999, Volume 26, Number 7.

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