Rasmiya Ruenes mini-course

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The use of technology as a tool for teaching second language learners is able to create independent and collaborative learning settings in which students can acquire and practice a new language. Through the use technology students can engage in individualized instruction designed to meet their specific needs and participate in collaborative efforts which promote communication and prepares students for the global community.

In this course, we will explore the types of technology being integrated into foreign language classrooms so you can apply them to your classroom.


  • Why Integrate Technology in the Foreign language classroom
  • How do you integrate the iPad in foreign language classroom
  • How do you integrate Ipads in the foreign language classroom?
  • How do you integrate Web 2.0 tools in foreign language classroom?

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Unit 1: Why Integrate Technology in Foreign Language Education

Objectives: Participants will....

  • Identify, through research, different kinds of feedback
  • Choose and discuss effective forms of feedback for use in music theory classrooms

Unit 2: Integrating the IPOD in Foreign Language Learning

Objectives: Participants will....

  • Choose compositions for analysis that incorporate individual musical concepts
  • Understand how to develop criteria for evaluating music analysis

Unit 3: Integrating the IPAD in Foreign Language Learning

Objectives: Participants will....

  • Navigate and become familiar with noteflight software
  • Create original "mini" composition for analysis and feedback