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[[ETAP 623 Spring 2014|ETAP 623 Spring 2014 Home]] |
[[ETAP 623 Spring 2014|ETAP 623 Spring 2014 Home]] |
[[Rasmiya Ruenes|Rasmiya's personal page]] |  
[[Rasmiya Ruenes]] |  
[[Rasmiya Ruenes mini-course|Rasmiya' mini-course]]
[[Rasmiya Ruenes mini-course|Rasmiya' mini-course]]

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Welcome to my personal page.

ETAP 623 Spring 2014 Home | Rasmiya Ruenes | Rasmiya' mini-course

Please view my portfolio page: Rasmiya's portfolio To return to Spring Etap 623 click here.

My biographical information

I am a High School and Middle School Spanish teacher grades 6 - 12. I teach Spanish and I will be completing my ETAP Masters program this summer. I also would like to teach French and my goal would be to obtain teacher certification in French in the near future. I have taught as a substitute for five years in different school settings and have taught different age groups which helped prepare me to teach.

My personal information

I am married and a mom of a twelve year old boy. I love the outdoors. We live in the country and enjoy nature. I love to read, write stories and listen to music. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends.

About user pages

The personal page offers mini-course builders an opportunity to practice using the Wiki Editor. The portfolio page is where mini-course builders document their design work. And finally the course pages will hold the learning objects/content/activities to be used by your "students." Each mini-course is likely to have 4 or more pages - an intro and 3 or more "units" or "lessons."