Rapport Building

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Rapport is a sometimes nebulous concept. It is important in many areas. In fact, some might say it is an integral part of the daily life of all but the staunchest hermits. As you will see, we will be using information and strategies from a broad base to strengthen the collaborative work environment, motivate learners, and help students and instructors maximize their potential by negotiating hurdles and roadblocks together. Much of the material used will be from outside the traditional teaching realm, because it is assumed that you have already have that knowledge and/or experience. This mini-course is designed to be an added tool for your toolbox. The concept of rapport is very individualized. There will be no cookie cutter definitions or hallmarks. This course is designed to help you assess at what level you are attaining rapport and build it to the level you feel you need. You will need to be willing to try different things and step out of your comfort zone. However, as an instructor, isn’t that something you ask of your students at the start of each new session?

Course Modules

Rapport Module 1

Rapport Module 2

RapportModule 3