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[[Rafael Morales Mini-Course]]
[[Rafael Morales - Mini Course]]

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About Me


Hello All!

My name is Rafael Morales, Jr., my friends call me Raf or Rafa.

Hometown: New York, NY

Currently Reside: New York, NY

This is my first semester here at UAlbany and in the CDIT program. I am excited (and little scared) to begin my journey towards an MS in CDIT. I am an alum of the SUNY system, I received my undergrad (BA) in Public Communication from Buffalo State College.

I currently work as a Multimedia Production Manager for a company called Talkpoint, in NYC that provides cloud-based webcasts. I have a background in training, communication, video and technology, which drove me to pursue the CDIT (MS).

My hobbies include cooking, eating :), sports (Lifelong NY Mets and NY Jets fan), TV and film.

My Topic/Purpose

Needs Assessment

Analysis of the Learner and Context

Performance Objectives

Course-level objectives

Task Analysis

Curriculum Map

References and Resources

Rafael Morales - Mini Course