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This mini-course will aid educators in creating a webcast.

This course will help music instructors understand more about feedback and how it is effectively used in the music theory classroom, how to connect individual music concepts with real compositions and how to use technology to assist with music analysis instruction. The topics of feedback and evaluation, music analysis, music composition, and use of technology in the music classroom are included. There are three units: 1. Types of feedback in the music classroom, 2. Composition analysis and evaluative feedback and 3. Using technology with music analysis. Each unit will address related topics through activities such as: readings, discussion, choosing/analyzing compositions to fit music theory curriculum, creating feedback and evaluation criteria, and using music software.

Performance Objectives

General Outcomes: Participation in this course will help you learn about webcasts and how to create your own in order to enhance your standard course. You will be able to use this technology free of cost by simply creating an account using Google's integrated tools (Gmail, Hangout and YouTube). After completion you will know how to develop, record, broadcast, and archive your webcast.

Specific Outcomes: By the end of this course, participants will....

  • Know what a webcast is.
  • Know create, record, broadcast and archive a webcast.
  • Know the best practices when recording an effective webcast.

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Unit 1: What is a Webcast?

Objectives: Participants will....

  • Be able to answer: What is a webcast?
  • Know the difference between a webcast and a webinar

Unit 2: How do I create a webcast for my course?

Objectives: Participants will....

  • Create a Gmail Account
  • Create a Google Hangout On Air event
  • Include a presentation to use with the webcast

Unit 3: Recording, Broadcasting, Archiving and Best Practices

Objectives: Participants will....

  • Record a webcast using Google on Air
  • Broadcast the webcast LIVE
  • Archive the webcast recording on their YouTube channel
  • Learn Best Practices of creating an effective webcast

ETAP 623 FALL 2015 - BYRNE section 5874

Rafael Morales Jr