Quiz on the IRE

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Place your answers on a T-Chart on a separate sheet of paper as explained in the activities section. When you are done please see the discussion page for the correct answers. If you agree or disagree with any of them, please add that argument to the discussion page listed under activity 1.

Put these descriptions of the IRE model under positive or negative.

1) Only one student is involved with the question

2) The teacher provides the "end all and be all" answer

3) It is a quick way to check if a student recalls a specific fact

4) Most of the time the style of question is lower level

5) The teacher is the most active participant in the discussion

6) Students have their memory checked

7) Questions that should have many right answers now apparently have only one

8) Students do not have time to think through their reasoning with assistance from delving questions

9) Rather than continuing to analyze themselves, students just wait for the teacher to tell them the answer

10) The teacher can quickly check if a student is listening to the lecture or a fellow student with a simple question

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