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=How to use 'show list'

How to post audio

I just tried to post wav files for audio input to my course and the wiki message was that it is an unwanted file. Does anyone know how to post audio? What can I do? How can I convert them to mp3 or another acceptable form? Thanks. ~Diane

See "What is the best way to upload a video/audio file?" in this page. ---Jianwei

Post a file to the page

Here are some websites where you can get free or affordable PDF converter software. I have not used any of these so I can't vouche for them. The way some of these free PDF converters work is that they install as a printer driver and when you print a document you select the PDF converter as the printer. ~~Elizabeth~~ [1] [2] [3]

I use PrimoPDF It works exactly how Elizabeth describes above.
-Scott Beiter

I have figured a way to upload doc files to the wiki page. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the toolbox and click on UPLOAD.
  2. Browse for your file.
  3. Upload your file.
  4. Go to your wiki page and edit.
  5. Click the IMAGE icon.
  6. Brackets with Image:Example.jpg will appear.
  7. Type the exact file name (case sensitive).doc in place of the Example.jpg
  8. Save your page.
  • The file will appear on your wiki page, but when you click to go into it, there will be a warning box asking if you want to open it, before you can actually go in. But, it works! ~Diane

I am clueless as to what way to get a Word file uploaded and can't convert to a pdf. This WIKI system states that it will accept a .doc file for upload and then calls it corrupt when you actually upload....bob

Word version 2007 puts the document file in as .docx Wiki calls it corrupt. To avoid this problem, save the file in an older version of Word such as 93-2003 and Wiki will accept it. I just dicovered this today. ~ Diane

Or save Word files as .rtf files which can be created and read by most word processing software. I just discovered this week that you can save Office 2007 files in PDF format. You have to download and install an Office 2007 add-in and install it -- really simple to do. Here's the web site if you are interested: [4]

  • Hi Bob, Jianwei said that if you could not convert your word document to pdf to email him. Maybe he will beable to convert it for you. Michelle

Does anyone know how to post a word document on a page and maintain its format. I am trying to post my learner analysis survey and am unable to just copy and paste because the boxes and formating disappear. Is there a way to post a file to be downloaded or to do the copy and paste without losing the formating? ~Diane
Answer: There really is no good way to post (cut n' paste or copy) directly from word to a webpage or wiki. A good idea is to actually REMOVE word formatting so you don't get anything funny when you copy directly from word. You can do this by copying the file into word pad first and then copy from word pad to wiki/webpage.-Scott

ONE MORE OPTION: Diane- you could also use something I use called Survey Monkey. Its a free site to create surveys and you can post a link to the site either here in WIKI or in our ETAP Course in the Design Project View. The website link is you have to set up a user name and password but it is free and it walks you step by step through creating a survey. the free option does not give you as many cool options but for a basic survey- its good. You can ask simple "choose an option" questions or short answer. You can also track your responses right from the website thanks Val

POSSIBLE OPTIONS: I was able to upload a PDF document to WIKI and embed it as an image. But it shows up as a link which then goes to an information page and you can click on the file and it opens in Acrobat. Not very user friendly! You could scan it, save it in an JPG image format and upload it for embedding. Another option is to convert it to HTML and upload it to your available web space on the UA server and link to there. -- Elizabeth
Uploading it as a pdf is a good strategy. Email me if you cannot convert it on your computer --Jianwei
DIRECT HTML OPTION: You can use HTML in WIKI. Here's the link to information about this: [5]. I read in more than one place in the WIKI Help material that they don't recommend uploading large files and would rather have us use links to other sites. -- Elizabeth

Use of "My Talk" and Discussion pages

You will notice that each page you create (and just about any page you visit) has a discussion page attached to it. You will find a tab at the top that says that says "article" when viewing a page; next to it is a tab that says "discussion". The discussion page is for posting comments to the author of the article page you are viewing. You can post to the discussion page by clicking the tab and then editing the page.

You will also notice at the top margin each of us has a "user page" and "my talk" button. Jianwei has suggested that we do not use my talk. ~Diane

Regarding Talk/Discussions in KNILT

  • Discussions about the content of a particular page are discussed publicly. Click the "discussion" tab of that page and "edit" it to add your comments/questions/ideas.
  • To be notified about the discussions of your pages (or other pages of your interest), you need to click "watch" for that page. If you want to receive an email about the changes, you need to go to "My Preferences" and check: "E-mail me when a page I'm watching is changed"; "E-mail me when my user talk page is changed."
  • If you want to talk to a particular classmate, use that user's talk page. After you edit her/his page, that user will see a message at logging in. (Source: Jianwei's email to Anne)--Anne Canale Stalnecker 09:55, 25 February 2008 (EST)

Navigating to Class Homepage

Q: Is there any way to click back to the Class Homepage when clicking around in other folks pages without the repeated use of the "back button"? I have not found any links to it- or can we just add one where ever we would like to see it?

  • Just click Main Page in the navigation box to the left of the screen. On the main page is a link to the current classes.
  • Another way is to go to the "Community portal" on your left, and there's now a link there.
  • You can also bookmark the Class Homepage to always know how to get back.

What is the best way to upload a video/audio file?

How to upload a video/audio file:

  1. On the left of the page under toolbox click upload file.
  2. Browse for your file and then upload it.
  3. Then go to your wiki page where you want to upload the video/audio file and edit that page.
  4. Click the media file link icon (7th one from the left, looks like a trumpet).
  5. Then write the exact filename for your video/audio file.
  6. Following these steps you should be able to upload a video/audio file onto your wiki page.


Note: Linking to external video sites instead of uploading video files here is also recommended because they are often too big to handle in this wiki.

"my talk" page

  • What is the "my talk/user talk" page for? Is it intended to be a type of discussion forum?

'Linking to external websites/URLs

  • Is it possible to link an external website to text such as UAlbany instead of having "" show? It sounds like the wiki links allow it, but can it be done for external sites as well? Please see my wiki page at About Us for my attempt to link a website. Thanks. (Diane)
    • From the "Edit" mode, either click on the 4th icon from the left at the top (the globe/sheet of paper) and insert your web address into the brackets that appear e.g.,; OR type in (copy/paste from your browser) the entire URL: (The first option creates an embedded link.)


How to add a picture?

I have uploaded a picture to file , but I cannot add to my intro page, what is the best way to do this?

Thanks ~Susan McKinstray

Susan- Go to the page where you want to add the image and click on "edit". Then from the top menu bar, click the one that looks like picture (beside the A). You will see text appear like I put by your name above (hit edit for this page and you will see the example- get rid of the example word and enter the file name of the image you want to appear that you loaded-with .jpg and leave the brackets. You won't see it until you hit save page. Then it should appear. You can try it here. I hope that helps Valerie

Valerie-Thanks and a note to all users....I kept trying it, but I changed the whole name at first, so you have to leave the word Image: and put your file name where it starts Example.jpg, now it worked. Thanks you! Susan

Additional note- when they say case sensitive they mean it! If the jpg is JPG even that makes a difference.