Promoting Reading Comprehension in the Early Grades

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  • Did you ever have a student who could recite the words of a text perfectly but had no idea what the text was about?
  • Have you ever felt frustrated because one or more of your students oculd not pass the reading comprehnsion tests despite all your hard work?
  • Have you ever felt that you do not know what comprehension strategy to use next in order to help your students comprehend?


My Experience with the Teaching of Comprehension Strategies

When I was a junior in college, I performed a case study on a fourth grade student, named Clarissa. Although she could read fluently, she did not comprehend what she was reading. After various tests were administered, I determined that she was reading at a first grade level. Consequently, in order to improve Clarissa's comprehension, I implemented the strategies which are discussed in this course. Through a combination of strategies, including vocabulary, narrative, and expository, Clarissa significantly improved her reading comprehension over a ten-week period. Many times, after she used the strategies while reading, she exclaimed that reading is fun and that the strategies helped her to understand the text.

Unit 1 - Pre-Reading Strategy

Unit 2 - Narrative Strategy

Unit 3 - Expository Strategy

Unit 4 - Vocabulary Strategies

Unit 5 - Strategy Integration Benefits

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