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[[Unit 2 - Narrative Strategy]]
[[Unit 2 - Narrative Strategy]]
[[Unit 3 - Expository Strategy]]
[[Unit 3 - Expository Strategy]]                                                        [[File:students.gif]]
[[Unit 4 - Vocabulary Strategies]]
[[Unit 4 - Vocabulary Strategies]]

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  • Did you ever have a student who could recite the words of a text perfectly but had no idea what the text was about?
  • Have you ever felt frustrated because one or more of your students oculd not pass the reading comprehnsion tests despite all your hard work?
  • Have you ever felt that you do not know what comprehension strategy to use next in order to help your students comprehend?

Unit 1 - Pre-Reading Strategy

Unit 2 - Narrative Strategy

Unit 3 - Expository Strategy Students.gif

Unit 4 - Vocabulary Strategies

Unit 5 - Strategy Integration Benefits

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