Primary Source Reflective Essay Worksheet

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Primary Source Essay Requirements and Expectations

This essay project is intended to give you an opportunity to show me what you've learned throughout this course. Below you'll find the rules and expectations. If you have any questions--ASK!!


Since we have been learning about the American Revolutionary War, predominantly through the use and exploration of primary source documents, I felt that it was only fitting that the final project for this course should take your new skills in identifying and understanding primary source documents and apply them to an essay. This is a reflective essay project, meaning you will share some of your own impressions, personal understanding and insight within the body of your essay. You will locate 3-4 primary source documents online that you believe most strongly represent a major event or provide deeper understanding into the American Revolutionary War. You will then write an essay describing your artifacts, and connecting them to the bigger picture. In other words, how do your pictures, maps, letters relate to the American Revolutionary War as a whole? BE SPECIFIC!! You will turn in your completed essays, which will be graded based on the rubric provided.

Specific Minimum Requirements

  • Your essay will be a minimum of two typed, double-spaced pages
  • You must use a minimum of 3, and a maximum of 4 primary sources
  • You must connect your primary source documents to the key places, events or people that they represent or depict. DO NOT SIMPLY DESCRIBE THEM! YOU MUST DESCRIBE HOW AND WHY THEY ARE IMPORTANT TO THE WAR AS A WHOLE!


You will have five days to complete this essay, but only two class periods will be devoted to working on it in school. This means that you must do work on this project at home!

You will have one full class period to do research on the computer, locating and learning about your chosen primary sources.

You will have one full class period to begin writing your reflective essay.