Practice Utilizing Cooperative Learning

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Let's Get Started

The first three units of this lesson focused on getting an overview of cooperative learning and what it looks like, learning more about strategies to use in the classroom, and methods to avoid downfalls commonly associated with cooperative learning. While the first three lessons have served as more of an overview of what to do and what not to do, the next two units are going to ask you to put your knowledge to the test. This unit is going to be made up of two lessons.

The first lesson is going to provide you with an example of a cooperative learning lesson that is full of issues. You are going to reflect on what the teacher did in this lesson that caused the issues, and describe changes that you believe would help the lesson. The second lesson is going to provide you with a lesson where the teacher did not use cooperative learning. It is going to be your job to choose a cooperative learning strategy that could have been used in this lesson, and validate why you chose this technique.

Why is This Unit Important?

This unit is important because it is going to allow you to put your knowledge of cooperative learning to the test. There will be less instruction in this unit, and more time for you to engage in your learning and make connections to the the previous units you have done. This unit is going to help you to begin thinking of ways you would incorporate cooperative learning into your content area or classroom, and what you are going to do to ensure that you incorporate cooperative learning effectively into your classroom. This unit will allow you to recognize areas of development that are necessary for you, and perhaps point you in the direction of areas you have to review.

What Should I Learn by the End of This Unit?

Unit 4 is made up of 2 mini lessons:

In the first lesson, you are going to be provided with a lesson where the teacher used cooperative learning and had a number of things go wrong. You are going to critique the lesson, analyze why the lesson was not successful, and state what you would have done differently with this lesson. You will use what we learned in the previous unit to help advise the teacher on what changes to make.

Link to Lesson 1

In the second lesson, you are going to receive a description of a lesson where cooperative learning was not utilize. You are once again going to critique this lesson, and pick a cooperative learning strategy that you would use to enhance this lesson. You are going to validate why you chose the learning activity that you did, and state why it would help to enhance the lesson.

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