PowerPoint Basics


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UNIT 3 PowerPoint Basics

Target Objective:

  • Learners be able to create a 10 slide eBook using PowerPoint software.

Unit Objectives:

Learners will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of PowerPoint in the classroom.
  • Open the PowerPoint software
  • Create a new slide for their eBook
  • Insert pictures that accompany their eBook
  • Copy and paste text and images
  • Insert a text box
  • Save their eBook presentation within the software

PowerPoint Basics: PowerPoint is a very powerful and popular tool used in education. Most teachers use it to give a visual appeal and spatial element to their lectures. In this course we are using it to make an eBook meant to be used for an Interactive Whiteboard. This eBook format replaces the need for "Big Books" that are very expensive. It also replaces the disjointed text, images of EngageNY's new Common Core centered curriculum. Their program has images for the IWB but without the text displayed as well. Through the basics of PowerPoint we can make eBooks that incorporate text and images together like a traditional book. Many of the techniques taught in this lesson are known by most teachers barely familiar with PowerPoint. This lesson is to remind any that have forgotten or the teacher that has never experimented with PowerPoint.

To Do:

Watch this Video Tutorial

Read this accompanying PowerPoint


  • Post your 10 slide eBook .pdf in the discussion portion
  • Leave feedback for 2 other learners about their eBook
  • Discuss what you felt was enjoyable about PowerPoint
  • Discuss what frustrated you about creating the PowerPoint
  • Any other questions or comments