PowerPoint Advanced

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PowerPoint Advanced

Target Objective:

  • Take the PowerPoint you just created and make it look more professional and interactive.

Unit Objectives:

Learners will be able to:

  • Add an animation to text
  • insert questions using animation
  • Add an effect to an animation in text
  • Format and add a graphic element to an image

PowerPoint Advanced:

Since we have learned the basics of PowerPoint it’s time to kick our presentation up a notch. These advanced skills will help make the eBook more engaging and professional looking. We will be formatting the pictures to have certain small edits so that they look professional. We will also look at how to add animations which allow for questions or definitions to put onto the screen. This adds a bit of interactivity to the eBook.

To Do:

Watch this Video Tutorial

Read the accompanying PowerPoint

Discussion / Activity:

Using your eBook PowerPoint from lesson 3 use the knowledge from this lesson to make your PowerPoint more interactive by adding 3 questions to the eBook using the animation function. Also, make 5 of the images slightly different whether it be a relfection, drop shadow, highlight etc. This adds to the professional feel of the eBook. Explore the program to see if there are other features you incorporate into the eBook. Add at least one other feature such as a video link, background, etc.

  • Post your new PowerPoint eBook as a .pdf on the discussion board like you did in lesson 3.
  • Comment on 2 of your peers' work and the changes they made to the eBook
  • In a discussion post describe what extra element you added and how it benefited your eBook.
  • Post about the benefits of making the eBook more professional looking and interactive.
  • Post any other general comments or questions