Personal TCIS Portfolio

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This is where all participants should submit their completed work throughout the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Strategies mini-course. In order to properly submit, please ensure that you have clearly read the directions for each performance objective and label your work with your name and the date. This page is broken up into each Module and then broken up into the specific performance objective's each individual is required to complete.

Module One

Performance Objective #1

Instructions: Complete the following worksheet by copying the formatted questions below into a Word document then answer. Submit your completed assignment through the Personal TCIS Portfolio page by copying the entire worksheet into the appropriate section in the portfolio.

Module Two

Performance Objective #2

Active Listening
Instructions: Practice active listening skills in your daily life over a few days. Keep track of your progress by using the following worksheet to record 2 days worth of data. Be sure to write a paragraph of the scenario alongside completing the Active Listening Inventory worksheet. You may copy this worksheet into a Word document and then copy your completed assignments on the Personal TCIS Portfolio page in the correct section.

Performance Objective #3

Behavior Support Techniques
Instructions: Read 2 of the 3 excerpts describing a crisis situation. After, read the behavior support techniques the script provides to de-escalate the crisis situation. Explain why these techniques would decrease stress and reduce risk. You may do this by copying the excerpts into a Word document and then copying the entire completed document into the appropriate portion of the Personal TCIS Portfolio page.

Performance Objective #4

Emotional First Aid
First, copy and paste the template below into a Word document. After, watch the following video clip from 1:14 - 1:50 minutes. Complete the Emotional First Aid Observation worksheet in the Word document. Copy and paste the completed worksheet into the correct area of your Personal TCIS Portfolio page

Module Three

Performance Objective #5

Reactive vs. Proactive Aggression
Instructions: Describe a reactive aggressive situation and a proactive aggression situation. This can be a real-life experience or fictional scenario. Clearly label the 2 by labeling each paragraph with the corresponding title. Please bold and underline both titles. Submit your completed assignment by uploading it to the appropriate portion of your Personal TCIS Portfolio page.

Performance Objective #6

Instructions: First, read the crisis scenario below. Then, use the LSI Observations worksheet to explain your actions and thoughts through each step of the Life Space Interview (LSI). Submit your complete assignment into the correct section of the Personal TCIS Portfolio page.