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Course Title – Using Microsoft Movie Maker as an Instructional Tool

Instructional Goal

The intent of this project is help show how Movie Maker could be used as an instructional tool to engage students and enhance instruction. .

Needs Assessment/Learner Analysis

The Problem:

Current technology is not being utilized in the classroom. There are many technologies available that would both enhance instruction and engage students. Using these technologies would allow the students to create, collaborate, and have fun. These technologies are also Green in that they uct down on the use of paper and have the ability to save school districts thousands of dollars each year. However many teachers fail to utilyze these technologies for a number of reasons.

Information Gathered:

I conducted my research by surveying the teachers at my school. The teachers surveyed ranged in age from 62 to 24 and teach grades ranging from 5th to 12th grade. In this field no teachers had used Movie Maker or any similar technology to enhance instruction. Of the 58 teachers surveyed only 12 use technology in student centered intstruction. Most of the teachers who reported to use technology use it as a meand to enhance direct instruction.

Top 3 Reasons Why Teachers Fail to Use Technology:

  • They do not know how to use it
  • It takes up too much class time
  • They area afraid to let the students be responsilbe for their own learning