New Employee Digital Literacy Course

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Welcome to the digital literacy course for new employees at Campus-XYZ. This course is required as part of your mandatory training before commencing work. In this course, you will get a chance to obtain a digital literacy certificate from Microsoft which you can add to your resume. More importantly, you will learn basic technical skills needed in your day to day work at Campus-XYZ. The course will be solely student-driven. This means that you will not be instructed by a course instructor, but rather take ownership of the course while going through each unit on your own. However, you do not need to fret. An instructor will be available onsite to assist with questions you might have. Also, discussion forums on Campus XYZ’s learning management system will provide you the opportunity to help or learn from other new employees who may be struggling or posting hints and tips respectively.
Thank you taking this course and We hope you’ll learn something new while taking it.
Let’s Go!

Course Overview

Unit 1: Introduction to Digital Literacy

Unit 1 Lesson 1
Objective: Participants will be able to evaluate their technical competency upon enrolling in a short mini-course provided by Microsoft. They will then be supplied with a certificate of completion to show successful completion of the lesson.

Unit 2: Digital Literacy within the context of Campus XYZ

Unit 2 Lesson 1
Objective: Participants will be able to demonstrate how to launch virtual environment to complete assigned tasks.

Unit 2 Lesson 2
Objective: Employee will be able to practice how to perform basic operations in their day to day work. They will use a simulated environment to test their digital skills based on the initial technical competency test they took. Actions will be recorded into a video file and sent to the course instructor upon completion. Tasks are completely constructively with no instructor interference whatsoever. However, instructors are available for only brief questions lasting no longer than a minute to ensure participants find their way around systems. Employee is encouraged to refer to digital literacy course for assistance in completing certain tasks. Link to digital literacy course here. Employees will have access to a discussion forum where they can help each other to complete tasks. Course instructor will facilitate tasks as needed.

Unit 3: Submitting items to mark completion of course

Unit 3 Lesson 1
Objective: Students will write a reflection journal to evaluate their skills before and after the course.

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