Nathan Cadoret


Teaching Experience

I am currently in my sixth year of teaching Global History and Geography at Hoosic Valley High School. My focus is the ninth-grade curriculum, which means I teach from the dawn of man up to the Renaissance/ age of exploration. I am also responsible for 7-12 history AIS (academic intervention services). The main purpose of AIS to give struggling students extra help or to reinforce the lessons from the classroom. Aside from teaching, I am also a member of Hoosic Valley's technology committee, which is supposed to meet regularly to discuss tech concerns, needs, and wants.

Educational Background

I received my bachelor degree in history from SUNY Albany in 2004 after which I attended Union Graduate College's MAT program. I finished my masters and began teaching in 2007. Slowly but surely, I am working my way through the CDIT program at SUNY Albany.

Personal Background

When I have the time (which is not very often these days I enjoy playing video games either with my friends or by myself. Since games keep getting cooler, I hope to keep playing them until I am an old man. I recently purchased Skylanders for my daughter as a fifth birthday present, with the hopes that I will be able to play games with her as she grows. I also enjoy hiking and mountain biking, especially when I can do it with my family. Spending time outside with my wife and kids is important to me. Lastly, I would say that I am a PC hobbyist, namely I build my own computers for myself and friends. I recently built a media center PC and canceled my cable, which has been nice so far.