Module 4: Reflecting on Our Implementation of Collaboration


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Reflection of implementation of collaborative activities in computer science classes.

In your Google Doc journal, reflect and self-evaluate on your overall experience with these modules and your implementation of collaborative activities/strategies in your computer science classes:

  • Do you feel that students were engaged and collaborating effectively? (Ineffective collaboration may look like students just providing answers and not showing how to solve a problem, copying, one student doing more work than others in the group, etc.)
  • Do you think there was an improvement with respect to student learning with your implementation of collaborative activities/strategies?
  • What were the reactions from students with the collaborative activities they participated in as part of your lesson(s)?

Furthering learning/Creating goals

In your Google Doc journal, create a list of goals for further improvement and/or modification of your lesson(s) with respect to collaborative activities.

1. What can be changed and/or modified based on your observations and results from student participation?