Module 3: Implementation of Collaborative Activities

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Your turn: incorporate and implement effective collaboration activities and strategies in your computer science classes.

Now that you have learned about why collaboration matters in computer science classes and what specific collaborative activities and strategies look like, it's time for you to create your own lessons which incorporate effective collaboration!

Begin this process by watching the following set of videos from Edutopia on planning and transforming a classroom into a collaborative learning environment.

1. Reflect and take notes in your Google Doc journal. There are some excellent ideas in these videos that can be applied to your computer science classes!

  • What are some takeaways from the videos?
  • Will you be using any of these strategies in your classes? Which ones? Why?
  • Do you have any ideas to extend or modify any of the mentioned strategies for your own classes? What are they?

Create and upload your collaboration-filled computer science lessons for peer review.

1. Using the same template as in the previous module, create your own computer science lesson plans with the incorporation of collaborative activities and/or strategies.

2. Once completed, upload these to your Google Team Drive folder that was assigned to you. Then share at least one of your lesson plans with your assigned peer group members for written feedback.

3. Just as your peers will provide you with feedback, your goal is to look over the lesson plans of two of your peer group members and provide them with feedback. Be sure to include both warm and cool constructive feedback.

4. Reflect in your Google Doc journal about this process:

  • How did it go in general?
  • What kind of feedback did you receive?
  • How will you use the feedback to improve your lesson(s)?

5. Modify and improve your lessons based on the feedback you received.

6. Finally, your task is to actually go ahead and use these lessons in your computer science classes and record/observe the impact of the collaborative activities and/or strategies you chose to implement.

Next Steps

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