Mini Course: Camtasia Studio

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Author: Jason Chwirut



Hello Everyone!!! I am glad you are here and welcome to my mini course on Camtasia Studio.

As educators, one of our main goals is to get students energized and engaged in hands-on learning experiences, and video is clearly an instructional medium that generates excitement and motivation. Using sight and sound, video is the perfect medium for students who are auditory or visual learners. Video taps into emotions, which stimulate and enthrall students, and it provides an innovative and effective means for educators to address the curricular concepts (Griffen, 2010).

There is substantial research promoting the use of video in the classroom as a dynamic resource for supporting curricula. According to a recent teacher survey, 94% of classroom teachers had effectively used video during the course of an academic year. And most teachers were using it frequently - on average, once per week (Griffen, 2010). Throughout this course we are going to attempt to obtain reasons why this is indeed the case.

Throughout the upcoming course, learners will dive into issues surrounding video use in the classroom. Students will develop an understanding to how video can be used to facilitate understanding, learn how to produce a video from screen captures, and how to effectively implement video into their lesson plans. This course is designed to introduce faculty members to a new way of enhancing instruction and increasing knowledge transfer.



By the end of this course, students will be able to :

  • Understand the educational benefits of using video in the classroom.
  • Identify educational contexts where screen captures can be used effectively.
  • Create a movie by creating screen captures using Camtasia Studio.
  • Discuss with peers how screen captures can be used to present information.

UNIT I: Using Video to Facilitate Understanding

UNIT 2: Introduction to Camtasia Studio

UNIT 3: Incorporating Screen Captures Into Your Classroom

Project Resources

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