Mini-Course: Flipping the Classroom with Edmodo

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Flipping the Classroom with Edmodo

Welcome to my mini-course on Flipping the Classroom with Edmodo. In this course you will learn what flipped learning is; how to use the web environment Edmodo to flip your classroom; and what the benefits of flipping with Edmodo are. Please note you will need to join Edmodo to complete this mini-course. Go the the directions below for more help.



To complete this mini-course, please go to:

Create an account as a teacher and log in. You can also join as a student and have full access. However if you are currently teaching, or plan to teach, it is recommended that you join as a teacher.

On your homepage on the left hand side, find the heading "Groups."

Click the "+" next to the heading and select "Join" from the drop-down menu.

Enter the group code: fg593a.

Please note that you may need approval to join this mini-course.

To view unit-by-unit objectives and directions, please click on the unit links below.

Course content is available in the Edmodo folders. Folders can be accessed through the library or in your "backpack" if you joined as a student.


The units listed below must be completed through Edmodo.

Unit One: What is Flipped Learning

Unit Two: How Can Edmodo Flip the Classroom

Unit Three: What are the Benefits of Flipping with Edmodo for Teachers and Students

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