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Class homepage ETAP 623 Fall 2013 - Wilde

Topic: 'Implementing Corrective Reading strategies with the accompaniment of Read Naturally Software in order to improve reading scores for students with severe reading and learning disabilities'

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Learning Outcomes

The purpose of this course is to learn how to implement precise Corrective Reading strategies while utilizing the additional monitoring abilities of Read Naturally software for further data collection and a remediation tool.

  • Educator understands the demands of Corrective Reading
  • Learn how to correctly track progress of students
  • How to utilize both resources (Corrective Reading and Read Naturally)
  • Learns what to do with the data once it is collected
  • How to implement remediation
  • Answering the question: "Can I implement my own strategies into the curriculum)

Needs Assessment

1. Problem: There is a lack of reliable practices that increases the fluency and comprehension in students who struggle in these areas.

2. What is to be learned: The students will increase their reading capabilities by a minimum of two levels throughout the course of one educational year (ie. 4th grade level will end and almost a 6th grade level).

3.The Learners: The learners that will be focused on for this technique are students who struggle with both fluency and comprehension. The fluency is the key area so that will be the highest level of increase but there is a component that concentrates on comprehension as well.

4. Instructional Context: The corrective reading strategies are the instructions that will be mostly followed. However, there are key areas where the basic structure is varies for maximum engagement and motivational reinforcement. Furthermore, there is also a media component--the read naturally software. This component allows for another source of data to be collected. There is an assessment aspect of the corrective reading program that is embedded. Nevertheless, this software allows for the documentation and progress of the student to be done without the one-to-one requirement that the corrective reading strategies need. Also, this software enables many assessments to be occurring simultaneously.

5.Goals: This will be a reference that available to educators for a complex and tedious instruction (corrective reading). To educate teachers on why this program is effective and beneficial to students, despite its perceived rigor and scripted nature.

Performance Objectives

Learners will analyze the Corrective Reading process and correctly implement each step

Learners will complete a Read Naturally tutorial and need to have a student complete one reading section.

Learners will collect data from the Read Naturally program and write a summary with projected goals for the student that completed the lesson.

Learners will implement the Corrective Reading strategy on a learner and record (video or audio).

Learners will collect data from the Corrective Reading strategy and write a summary suggesting the goals and levels the student is projected to have or be at.

Participants will create a plan for the student that they worked with in the Corrective Reading process and Read Naturally program.

Task Analysis

Task Analysis

Unit One

Purpose of using the Corrective Reading program with Read Naturally software

  1. The learner will identify the purpose of the Corrective Reading program and Read Naturally software (Prerequisite).
  2. The learner will ascertain the definitions of direct instruction, vocabulary development, and a cold read.
  3. The learner will understand what the benefit of combining the Corrective Reading program with the Read Naturally software.
  4. The learner will read why it's important to collect data for a “cold read” and a second read.
  5. The learner will learn how to analyze the reading of the students while they are reading (Prerequisite).
  6. The learner will navigate the units to develop their understanding of combining low tech learning with high tech learning.
  7. The learner will complete a self-assessment on the current unit.

Unit 2

What is the importance of data collection and how do we use it?

  1. The learner will learn how to collect data for the Corrective Reading strategy.
  2. The learner will listen to audio of a corrective reading session.
  3. The learner will be participating in mock data collection activities (Corrective Reading and Read Naturally).
  4. The learner will understand how the data will determine how the educator will continue with their instruction.
  5. The learner will read paragraphs about the process and importance of collecting data.

Unit 3

How to use Read Naturally as a Remediation tool

  1. The learner will be able to follow step by step instructions of how to use Read Naturally. (Prerequisite)
  2. The learner will understand that the instructor of the Read Naturally class can monitor the progress of the students.
  3. The learner will learn how to use this software as a remediation tool.
  4. The learner will select a program for the student who was monitored during the corrective reading session.
  5. The learner will analyze the Read Naturally completion of the student and write a summary analysis of where the instruction will need to be directed.

Unit 4

Personalizing Corrective Reading and Read Naturally Programs

  1. The learner will review the components of direct instruction.
  2. The learner will reflect on their learning about Corrective Reading and Read Naturally and develop a plan, using the planning template.
  3. The learner will be tested on important vocabulary words.
  4. The learner will develop a mission statement concerning the combination of Corrective Reading and the Read Naturally program for the purposes of strengthening reading in learners.


Self-assessment the learner’s overall understanding of the Corrective Reading and Read Naturally process. This will be commpleted HERE

Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map

Course Page

In order to continue to the mini course, which will discuss Implementing Corrective Reading strategies with the accompaniment of Read Naturally Software in order to improve reading scores for students with severe reading and learning disabilities, please click Here

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