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[[ETAP 623 Fall 2012|ETAP 623 Fall 2012 Home]] |
[[ETAP 623 Fall 2012|ETAP 623 Fall 2012 Home]] |
[[Maree Michaud-Sacks | Maree's Personal Page ]]
[[Maree Michaud-Sacks | Maree's Personal Page ]] |
[[Flipped_Class_MMS | Maree's Mini Course]]
[[Flipped_Class_MMS | Maree's Mini Course]]

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Turning Learning Upside Down: A Flipped Classroom Approach

Flipped Classroom style lessons are a popular trend in higher education. Despite the popularity, many instructors focus on the recording of the pre-class materials, and put little though into why to use this strategy or how to plan and design the lesson. This project will focus on developing the following student capabilities:

  • Describe a flipped classroom approach
  • List the advantages of using flipped learning
  • Select appropriate content for flipped learning
  • Identify characteristics of an engaging pre-class assignment
  • Integrate higher order learning activities during class time
  • Design a lesson using a flipped classroom approach

Needs Assessment

Performance Objectives

Task Analysis

Curriculum Map

References and Resources