Lesson Two

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In this lesson, you will begin Part One of the Video Project: "How we can compost to reduce the trash in our school?"

1. You will begin working on a 5 minute video presentation production with your small group.

2. Each member in the small group will be assigned a task: writer, host, videographer, director, and producer.

3. Group members will work on tasks individually, and each of you will use the "Talk" page to report your progress.

4. Take this opportunity to comment on each other’s work and make revisions.

5. A draft of the script of the video prodcution will be submitted at the end of the week.

What's Due When

Trash 3.jpgThere are no readings in this lesson, just a few videos for you to look at, of other schools who started compost programs. When watching these videos, think about how you can incorporate similar content and style into your own video production:

Compost Time (a 4th Grade Music Video from Teacher Tube) [1]

School Composting Program-Poudre School District & Gallegos Sanitation Join Forces (from You Tube) [2]

Waldorf School (from You Tube) [3]

Monday: Decide who will be doing what task: writer, producer, director, host, videographer. Review you readings and discussions from lst week. Use these findings as a basis of your video and to complete the outline draft. Discuss the video examples you watched, and how they may help you create your video.

Tuesday: The Writer and Producer will use this outline draft to write the first draft of the script and submit it on the "Talk" page of this lesson.

Wednesday and Thursday: All group members and the teacher will discuss the contents of the first draft and make suggestions for revisions for the final draft.

Friday: Group members will work together in class to complete the final draft of the script and submit it on the "Talk" page.


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