Lesson Three Developing Learning Objectives

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Learning Objectives Without getting too carried away, try to define the actual tasks that student need to know in order to achieve the short-term and overall goals of the course.

Now a simplified list of general tasks looks like goals but says that there are steps to understanding the subject. For Homeopathy we need to understand:

  • the steps of how to take a case
  • the steps to finding the right remedy
  • the steps of following the patient after they take the remedy
  • and the steps to evaluating the case and choosing the next treatment remedy.

So, if we must take steps, we might need to know:

Verbal information:

  • like list of basic principles of homeopathic treatment
  • remedy names and families of remedies
  • Categories of Miasms

Intellectual Skills:

  • Distinguish between
  • Concrete concepts like remedy relationships

Defined Concepts:


Cognitive Strategies: