Lesson Three-Patient Instructions

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Upon completion of Lesson Three you will be able to:

  • discuss brushing and flossing techniques for educating the patient on POH
  • recommend supplies for effective plaque removal
  • identify local stores in the community to assist patients in locating where to purchase oral hygiene supplies for home maintenance
  • demonstrate brushing and flossing techniques on a mouth model and/or in the patient's mouth

                                                            Viewing & Reading Assignments

Video demonstrating how a dental assistant instructs her patient how to brush & floss:

Flossing and modified bass brushing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjVntsf5XgE

This is a fun dental class video created on You Tube:

KDA students would like to teach you how to brush & floss! :)



Discuss ways you can make your patient more at ease while you demonstrate brushing and flossing techniques. Post at the beginning of this lesson and then reply to at least 2-3 peer discussion postings.


1. View both videos and reflect on how you will teach your patients

2. Post your thoughts on patient care in the class discussion area

3. Practice brushing and flossing on a family member to familiarize yourself with working inside a patients mouth. This will help you become more confident when working with future patients in a dental setting.


The Dental Assistant will be asked to instruct the patient on how to clean their mouth. Plaque removal is one area of instruction that involves teaching the patient how to brush and floss for effective daily plaque removal. Another instruction is the use of floss threaders for teaching the patient how to thread floss underneath fixed bridgework that replaces missing teeth. For the periodontal patient, tiny brush attachments are used to clean between teeth after surgery to remove diseased gingival or gum tissues.

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The Dental Assistant is to instruct the patient in a professional manner while being very gentle and avoiding pain. The Dental Assistant may seek the assistance of the Dentist or Dental Hygienist with patient's concerns.

Be a resourceful dental assistant and learn where to shop for dental hygiene supplies. Be prepared to recommend area stores in your community that carry special dental supplies for your patients.

                                                                  Final Assessment
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Create a short 5-10 minute video instructing POH. Include a title page and a reference page. Your video is to be a professional demonstration of best practice role play of how you would handle a patient in a dental setting. A family member may be a good practice patient for your video. If you're currently working in a dental office and choose to video a volunteer, be sure you have your patient sign a release form for video authorization. Please follow infection control protocol if working in a dental setting. Your video is to be sent to my email for grading.

                                                               Final Shout Out For Help

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Post your question in this area for Final Shout For Help to get assistance as you complete your final assignments

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