Lesson One-Preventive Oral Hygiene Basics

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How Do You Maintain A Healthy Smile?

Healthy Mouth


Preventive Oral Hygiene (POH) begins with nutrition and home maintenance of your oral cavity. A role of the dental assistant is to instruct patients on POH to reinforce proper home maintenance of their oral cavity. This will support the patient's dental health and investment.

In this lesson you will:

  • be introduced to fundamental dental terminology as it relates to patient POH instructions
  • relate dental experiences to common dental phobias

Upon completion of lesson one you will:

  • be able to discuss the importance of POH
  • assess common dental phobias

                                            VIEWING & READING ASSIGNMENTS 

View the 12 minute video:

Oral Hygiene: The Systemic Link to Overall Whole Body Health https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0iEzUBL6OI

View the following links to define the following terms:

  • plaque


  • tartar or calculus


  • gum disease or periodontal disease



Post in the above discussion tab, your self reflection from your childhood experiences on POH such as what you were taught, demonstrated, dental office experiences.


1) View 12 minute video "Oral Hygiene: The Systemic Link to Overall Whole Body Health"

2) Read the links provided for understanding the basic dental terminology on POH

3) Share your childhood dental experiences in the class discussion lesson one posting area

4) Prepare a one page essay about how you effectively maintain your own oral hygiene and email it to me prior to Lesson Two for grading. Do not share your work with peers. This is not a group assignment.

5) Complete Lesson One Quiz (see "Formative Assessment" instructions)


Learning how to maintain oral health begins in childhood. Children's Dental Health Month is celebrated annually. The dental office will participate in educating children in the month of February at scheduled community events or schools. It is the responsibility of the dental health team to provide dental health guidance. A key role for the dental assistant is to maintain their own oral health so he/she can share their knowledge with others. The dental patient will look up to the dental team for guidance on POH. The dental assistant along with the team, will provide POH to their patients for maintaining their dental investment and health. Part of your learning will depend on your ability to maintain personal healthy habits. Your goal is to be a positive role model for others and then feel confident to instruct your patients on proper POH techniques.

In lessons two & three, you will learn the techniques and supplies necessary for maintaining and instructing your patients on POH.

                                                  Formative Assessment 

A multiple choice quiz on basic dental terminology will be sent to you by email before the end of Lesson One. You will have 24 hours to answer the questions and submit your quiz. Please submit the completed quiz as a reply to my email before Lesson Two for grading. Do not share your work with peers. This is not a group assignment. Sample Formative Assessment

                                                 Shout Out For Help Area

In a dental office, "Teamwork" is a familiar term. It defines the support staff members give to each other to provide a safe and productive work environment in which the mission is to provide high quality dental care. Our class is a learning community with the same "Teamwork" concept. This is the place where you can "Shout Out For Help" from your Teacher and Class Peers. Feel free to post your request for help and reply to others in this: "Shout Out For Help" Discussion Area.

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