Lesson 5: Conclusion & Wrap-Up



At the end of this unit, participants will be able to:

  • navigate and utilize Kami and Google Classroom sufficiently
  • identify the aspects and benefits of implementing and maintaining an effective paperless classroom
  • understand how integrating technology in the classroom can enhance the delivery of information from teacher to student

Introduction to Lesson Five

Thank you for participating in this mini-course! I hope you found it informative and valuable. In this conclusive lesson, you will find resources that can help further your understanding of Kami and Google Classroom and better equip you to smoothly transition into a paperless classroom environment.

More Resources

Click here for a video about Google Classroom and Kami.

Click here for FAQs answered by Google.

Click here for another PowerPoint Slideshow about Google Classroom.

Click here for more free online educational resources.

Exit Survey

Click here to complete the exit survey for the course.


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Lesson 2: Why Integrate Technology in the Classroom?

Lesson 3: Kami

Lesson 4: Google Classroom

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