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'''Research:''' is there an ample amount of information available for your students?  
'''Research:''' is there an ample amount of information available for your students?

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Now it's time to synthesize project based learning in your content area


Project Based Lesson Planner: (copy the following planning method into a word document and fill out)

Content/problem/ask a question: Start with finding a good driving question, specific content knowledge, or a real issue that connects to the students. Think of the topic and its content- what do you want students to learn about the content? How can they prove they have developed an understanding by showing you their project?

Research: is there an ample amount of information available for your students?

Project Plan: How can a group of students show you they understand the information? What types of projects allow you to see their comprehension? (i.e. The issue/content is world hunger, students conduct a food drive for local food pantries, students attend a town hall meeting and make a speech, students research world hunger and come up with new ways in which to fight it, etc.)

Content Standards & Objectives: Identify the objectives explicitly taught or learned through discovery within this project design; identify the learning targets and the evidence of student mastery for each learning target within each objective. Be sure the project meets the criteria for standards-focused PBL

21st Century Skills: Identify the Learning Skills and Technology Tools Standards that students will practice in this project digital+pbl+circle.png

Assessment Plan: Define independently or with your class the products and artifacts for the project. Be sure to include a variety of assessments for learning that are closely tied to the content, learning skills and technology tools outcomes. The products and criteria must align with the objectives and outcomes for the project. State the criteria for exemplary performance for each product

Project Evaluation: How will you and your students reflect on and evaluate the project?

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