Lesson 4: Learning Menus

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Learning Menus What Are They:

Learning Menus outline a variety of instructional options targeted toward important learning goals. Students select and complete the assignment options that most appeal to them.

How They Work:

The teacher articulates learning goals and creates a "menu" of tasks which can consist of (appetizers, side dishes, entrees, and desserts based on identified learning goals and individual student levels. Learning menus can take place over a unit and also serve as a summative performance assessment with rubrics that contain criteria for every learning goal.

Here are some tips for designing learning menus:

  • Decide on a purpose for using the learning menu
  • Craft your learning goals for the menu in terms of what you want students to understand and know
  • Design your appetizers as an engaging hook for the menu
  • Create your entree by developing core tasks that you want all students to complete
  • Design desserts that you know students will be motivated to complete
  • For every course the teacher should tailor choices to different readiness levels

Here is a video for you to watch about learning menus.

Differentiating with Learning Menus [1]