Lesson 3: Integrating inquiry and growth mindset


Warm-up activity

Journal and personal reflection: Post on this discussion board about the following questions. Read and reply to past posts that stir ideas.

When was a time you "figured something out" instead of being told how to do something or told information? Was this in school or outside of school? How well do you now remember or understand the topic?

Do you believe that intelligence and skills are set or have the ability to change at any time? How did you feel about this when you were in school? How did it effect your school experience?

Have you ever had a school project where being unsuccessful was considered ok? If yes, how did that go? If no, how do you think it would make you feel?

Learn about integrating PBL with inquiry and Growth Mindset

As you saw in the last lesson, BIE includes sustained inquiry as part of ideal PBL, because it enhances the experience. In this lesson we will dive a bit deeper into that idea as well as growth mindset. We will investigate how these 3 educational practices enhance each other and how to integrate them in the classroom.


First read this post from BIE on supporting Growth Mindset through PBL. You will notice, Sustained Inquiry itself is one of the ways. See? All 3 work together!

Return to the Guide to Project-Based Learning from Defined STEM you downloaded in lesson 1. Read chapter 3

Read this article on PBL that looks at it as just one kind of inquiry learning.

Assignment-How will you promote growth mindset

Watch Carol Dweck explain how to cultivate growth mindset and think of a way you could help your students with this. Go to the discussion page of this lesson and post what you have chosen and why.

Assignment-Lesson analysis

If you can, try to schedule a time to observe a teacher conducting a PBL lesson. If you cannot please watch this video or another video of a PBL lesson of your choice. I recommend this post from Edutopia on observing PBL lessons.

Then complete this google form analyzing the lesson for use of inquiry and growth mindset. Review and learn from other students answers.


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