Lesson 3: Creating a Google Classroom



Learning Objective


  • Connect with other educators here Google for Education has twelve trainers available to contact for any questions, training help, or directions for using their tools, including Google Classroom. This is a great resource to connect with other teachers who are trained on Google and have had plenty of experience working with the Google for Education tools.
  • Google for Education Case Studies Read different case studies from schools around the world who have integrated Google for Education tools in to their schools and classrooms. These case studies not only describe the works done within Google Classroom, but also other tools such as Google Docs, Google Forms, and other Google apps.
  • Google Classroom Tutorial 2016 This tutorial video serves as a step by step guide to help set up your own Google Classroom. Use this as a resource to refer back to or to supplement with the task instructions below. If you are a visual learner, then this method of instruction for creating your own Google Classroom will be most beneficial.


Create Your Own Classroom

Now that you have learned what Google classroom is and have gained some knowledge on how it works, it is time to set up your very own Classroom. There are five steps listed below to guide you through the process.

1. View the following page for specific instructions on signing in to Google Classroom for the first time: Signing In

Remember, your school must have access to G Suite for Education. You must then obtain a password from your administrator to have your own access. You will need this information when signing in for the first time. If your school has yet to gain access to G Suite for Education, click here for further instructions.

2. Once you have successfully signed in, create your first class.

  • You will click on the plus (+) sign in the upper right hand corner of the page and click Create Class.
  • Type in your Class Name and Section, then click Create. (Be specific so you can stay organized when it comes time to create more classes!)
  • Congratulations, your first class has been created!

If you are experiencing any difficulty during this stage, click here for support. You can also refer to the tutorial video.

3. Create your first class assignment.

4. Add your students.

5. Inform your students on how to access your class.

Join a Class


Explore More

Now that you have successfully created your own class and joined another, feel free to browse the Google Classroom pages and become more familiar with all of it's useful features. Personalize your pages, add more classes, post a welcome announcement to your class' page, or post another assignment to help you become more familiar and immersed in this digital environment.

Google Classroom Help Center If at any time you are experiencing difficulties or have questions about the the Classroom setup, this is another resource for help the provides great information.



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