Lesson 3: Choosing the Best Candidate


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For your final assessment this unit, you will be put into the seat of an employer. Using all of the information we have discussed this unit, what features are important to employers? We have discussed the important objective that employers look at first and help them to sort their pile of applicants into a more manageable size. We have discussed using our experience to point back towards the objective to help ensure that we are the right choice for the opening. We have also discussed using action verbs to make yourself stand out from other applicants. Now, it is time to put it all together.


1. Students will choose the best candidate for a designated position by sorting through a small selection of resumes.
2. Students will be asked to defend their choice within their group using evidence from their resume.

To Do

In groups of 4, students will create a "hiring committee." These committees will meet in class to decide on a candidate to hire for a specified position. This position will be announced in class. Students will need to sort through a stack of resumes, looking at their objective and experience, to decide on the best candidate. Students should have a candid discussion of who they feel is the best candidate based on what they have learned through this unit and the candidates resume to support their choice. After discussion, the committee should agree (as a whole) on a single candidate to hire for the position.


For your final discussion, after the meeting in class, please reflect on how your understanding of being an employer in the hiring process has changed after completing the project. Are there any changes you wish you could make to your resume? How has this unit worked to improve your understanding of resumes and how they contribute to the application process?