Lesson 3.6: Which type of digital writing will my students create?


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  • To determine which form of digital writing you will focus on for your final project task.

Project Guidance

You learned about several forms of digital writing in this unit: digital essays, websites, blogs, wikis, and digital storytelling. For this phase of your final task, you will decide which of those forms you would like to create a unit or project around. This decision should follow from your initial brainstorm and standards identification from the previous units.


To help you reflect on your learning in Unit 3 and select a genre focus for the final project, please participate in the End-of-Unit 3 discussion. I would like you to respond to the following prompts:

  • What are your biggest takeaways from Unit 3 of this mini-course?
  • How are you thinking you could revamp some of your current writing projects to align with the digital forms you learned about in this unit?
  • What type of digital writing are you learning towards having your students create? What might the task you design for this project look like?

If possible, I highly encourage you to read what others have written and comment with your insights and questions.

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