Lesson 3.3: Blogs


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  • To learn the features and purposes of blogs.
  • To explore multiple uses for and examples of blogs.

Activate Prior Knowledge

Abubble2.png What do you know already about blogs? Which ones do you read, if any? How do you think they could be used in the classroom?



Explore the Nerdy Book Club blog: https://nerdybookclub.wordpress.com

* What features does it have?

* What makes it different from a traditional book review?

Next, check out this classroom blog example.

* What features and types of information does this teacher have on her blog?

* How does she use her blog to support/enhance student learning?

For more great examples, check out these "22 Best Kid Lit Blogs to Follow".

More ideas here at A Few Creative Ways to Use Student Blogs.


Deepen Your Understanding


Now that you have completed lesson 3, revisit your understanding of the learning targets. Consider what new understandings you now have, and develop your initial understandings based on the lesson materials.

How could you incorporate blogs into your instruction? What might you ask your students to blog about? What writing standards could they meet through blogging?


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