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"Create Documents." Google Docs. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 May 2016.
"Create Documents." Google Docs. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 May 2016.

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  • Construct algebra lesson plans incorporating the graphing calculator.

Overview: We have come to the end of this mini-course and I would like you to leave with resources that are applicable in your Algebra 1 classroom. This lesson provides time to design your own lesson plan incorporating what you have learned about the graphing calculator to teach problem solving with Common Core Algebra 1 questions. You will have access to any resources that have been uploaded by other participants, as well as an opportunity to provide feedback and receive feedback from other participants. I will be reviewing all discussion tabs throughout the mini-course to provide feedback and answer any posted questions. I hope this mini course has been helpful and I thank you so much for participating!

Task 10

1. Watch this video as an example of a lesson on teaching how to verify factors of polynomials using the graphing calculator.

2. Write a lesson plan for your chosen Common Core Algebra 1 topic from Task 9 in Google Docs.

3. Share the link to your lesson plan in the discussion tab for this lesson.

4. Review other lesson plans posted in the discussion tab and provide feedback.

Some food for thought when designing your lesson and providing feedback:

  • Would you use this lesson in your Algebra 1 classroom?
  • Was the graphing calculator incorporated usefully?
  • Does the lesson include teaching problem solving with and without the graphing calculator?
  • Is the lesson complete including activities, effective questioning, objectives, assessments, and a clear agenda?
  • Do the activities and assessments align to the objectives?


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