Lesson 3.2: ELA/Writing

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Note to the Learner:

Imburgia notebook.jpg

"Wait! Where did you get that? You can have LINES to write on?" is common quote I hear when I show teachers this next skill. Importing lined paper is something many users of SMART Notebook are unaware that they have access to.

Why does this matter?

This skill can be used when it comes to modeling the formation of letters, writing a letter to someone with the class, or really whatever the teacher wants. Also, SMART Notebook provides the user with so many different possible backgrounds which allows more possibilities. Personally, I am very bad at writing on a straight line on the board, so the lines really help the user with the already difficult task of writing on a straight line! Finally, students love coming to the board to


1) As usual, enter SMART Notebook, click on the top menu bar, find "Format" followed by "Page" and finally, "Set fill background."

2) A toolbar on the left will pop up. Find the icon that looks like a photo and click on it.

3) Click on "Gallery Essentials" and then "English and Language Arts." (This is an excellent time to mention that this Gallery Items folder contains so many great, useful tools. Browse around to find something that suits you and your own learners.)

4) Find "Paper Backgrounds" followed by "Backgrounds and Themes."

5) Scroll down to find the paper of your liking.

6)Click on the paper, hold it down, and drag it onto the middle of the page.

You Try:

Write a message on some lined paper on SMART Notebook. Use your knowledge from Lesson 2.1 and take a screen shot. Submit your screen capture here: aimburgia@albany.edu

View this lesson as a video capture here: https://youtu.be/LkxZ_Froh0A

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