Lesson 3.1: Teaching with the Graphing Calculator

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  • Describe the steps to solving a common core algebra problem using the graphing calculator.

Overview: Now that we have identified how to use the graphing calculator to solve Common Core Algebra 1 Problems, we can implement these skills into our teaching practice. To get an idea what that may look like, there are 3 video examples in this lesson. In the next lesson, you will construct a lesson plan incorporating the graphing calculator and exam questions. By the end of this lesson, you should have a topic, corresponding exam questions, and an idea as to how you will teach students to solve these problems using the graphing calculator.

Task 9

1. Watch the following 3 videos incorporating the graphing calculator into teaching Common Core Algebra 1 topics.

2. Choose a Common Core Algebra 1 topic, that in your experience, is difficult for students to understand.

3. Review the Exam you chose in Task 3 and identify the questions that relate to the topic you chose to incorporate into your lesson plan.


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