Lesson 3.1: Digital Essays


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  • To explore platforms for creating digital essays.
  • To learn ways to enhance essays in Google Docs with multimedia.

Activate Prior Knowledge

Abubble2.png. How do your students use technology to produce and publish their essays and stories? How do they-or could they-incorporate multimedia elements to enhance their work?



News flash! The 5-paragraph essay is out... digital storytelling is in!

Read this blog post about creating digital essays, thinking about the power of writing using multimedia.

Digital Essays: Taking Research Writing into the 21st Century Using Buncee

If you missed it, HERE is an example digital research project created using Buncee.

Questions for Reflection:

  • How does the use of multimedia elements make the text more interactive?
  • Can allowing more creative writing projects like this increase student engagement?
  • Has volume or sophistication of writing been sacrificed by the digital format?


Deepen Your Understanding


Now that you have completed lesson 1, revisit your understanding of the learning targets. Consider what new understandings you now have, and develop your initial understandings based on the lesson materials.

What ideas do you have now for how you could "spice up" a writing project using multimedia and/or digital creation platforms?