Lesson 3-Video and Self Check

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  • Learners will apply the information learned and make connections
  • Learners will identify their own strengths and weakness for classroom management.


There are several schools in the United States which implement School Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports(Reinke et. al, 2013).

It is important to use pro-social behaviors which decrease inappropriate behaviors (Reinke, et. al, 2013). There have been studies done which show the effectiveness of SW- PBIS for reducing inappropriate behaviors and improving academic performance (Reinke, et. al, 2013).

Video Click here to Watch!---> [[ https://reliaslearning.com/resource/positive-and-negative-reinforcement-aba]]


In a word document- Please write about the video you have just watched. What are your thoughts?


In the discussion tab at the top of this page please discuss the following:

  • How have you used classroom management in your classroom?

  • Looking back what could you have changed about handling a situation?

Please include a minimum of 500 words in the discussion post

References: Autism Training Solutions (2015) Positive and Negative Reinforcement in ABA [Video File] Retrieved from



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