Lesson 2: Why are they important?

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ETAP 623 Spring 2018 Section 6476 | User:Scbass | Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom


Participants will determine why multiple intelligences are important in the classroom and throughout lessons.


Now that we know what the intelligences are, we will begin to look at why they are important.

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Learning Tasks

Read the articles and watch the video to get an understanding of why multiple intelligences are important.

Article: Understanding Multiple Intelligences

Article: The Theory and Why?

Video: Historical Overview

Assessment Why Are They Important Assessment Code: YTNPPSCE (Right-click the link, and open in new tab. When you get to the page it will ask for a room name/code. When you have finished send an email to: scbass@albany.edu I will then give you feedback on how you did on the assessment.)

Now that you know why they're important, let's see how we can use them in our classroom! Get ready for Lesson 3: How do I know what intelligences to use?!!