Lesson 2: What are the characteristics of a Growth Mindset?

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Lesson 2: What are the characteristics of a Growth Mindset?

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Learners will identify the attributes of a Growth Mindset.


Do you believe that you are capable of accomplishing a goal if you work towards it? Do you think you can take on a challenge if it faced with one? Do you actively seek out ways to learn new information? If you said yes to the all of the questions, you have a Growth Mindset.

In the previous lesson, you learned about the difference between mindsets. This lesson is about the characteristics of a Growth Mindset. After completing the lesson, learners will Identify the attributes of a Growth Mindset.

Action Plan

  • Watch These videos to understand the characteristics that are necessary to foster a Growth Mindset. Elbow grease, stickABILITY and grit. You need these traits to align with a Growth Mindset. In the grit video, Angela Lee Duckworth explains what a student must do to achieve success. The second video gives educators information to explain to students why they are in control of their success.

First watch the Have Grit! video then continue to the video on Success.

  • Listen to this Media:DHLesson2.mov to review the characteristics of a Growth Mindset. I’ve created a Snapshot audio to give you a brief overview on what we have learned thus far. Everyone is CAPABLE of achieving a goal. The audio has my top secret recipe for success. Key traits are revealed. Put the Growth Mindset to work for you!

Tip: you can right click on the media to open in another window.

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Test your comprehension

Go back to the “Have Grit” video and when you’re on the site, scroll down to the Take Action section. Click on the light bulb to learn how gritty you are.

Print out the Grit scale and find out where you fit on the scale.

Once you have figured out where you fit on the scale, I want you to reflect on your grittiness: if you are grit worthy, please go on to lesson 4. If you are not gritty at all, you should think about ways you can change your mindset. I've included a PDF you should read in the section labeled reflection. After you have read it, please proceed to lesson 4.

Complete the Grit Quiz mentioned in the action plan section, to find out how gritty you are.


Read this True Grit to inspire you to lead a gritty driven life.


Proceed to Lesson 3: How do you develop and nurture your own Growth Mindset?

Go back to Lesson 1: What is the difference between a Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset?

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