Lesson 2: Use of OER in the Classroom

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Learning Objectives

  • By the end of this lesson, you will be able to identify and select OER resources from different repositories.

In this lesson you will:

  • Review OER repositories.
  • Select specific OER materials that you could use in your class.
  • Create a lesson using OER materials.


Open Educational Resources and the Open Educational movement are an exciting new concept to educators around the world. Now that you know about OER, the next step is finding OER materials that will be beneficial to your classroom and your students. This lesson will answer the questions of:

1. Where do I find educational resources? 2. How to select educational resources for your instructional needs? 3. How to design lessons around these resources?

To begin this lesson, please watch the video below. While watching, make note of the different resources mentioned that you would like to explore further.


With increased awareness of in both students and instructors of the potentials of OER, organization, participation, sharing, and implementation of OER will become the norm. Many educators are using OER materials and they do not even realize. From articles to videos, there a plenty of high-quality resources that are openly licensed. Below is a list of difference OER repositories:

Learning Activities

1. Select one repository mentioned in the video and one from the provided list.

  • By creating a Slide in Google Presentation, critique each site for maneuverability, available resources in your field, benefits and downfalls of using these resources in your classroom, and quality comparison to traditional educational materials.

Create Slide Here.

2. Discuss the different Repositories with classmates.

  • For this discussion, describe the repository your visited. What were some resources that you could use in the classroom? How could these resources improve your instruction and student engagement?

Talk:Lesson 2: Use of OER in the Classroom

3. Select one resource from a repository you visited and explain how you can use this assignment with the 5Rs of OER in mind

  • Revisit the 5Rs of OER and Creative Commons license in the first lesson. Based on the Creative Commons License assigned to the material you selected, how can you tailor this assignment to fit your instructional needs? Which of the 5Rs are you choosing to use with the resource you selected?

Share the link to your selected assignment and your answers to the questions at this Google Presentation link

4. Create a lesson using an OER

  • Create a simple lesson plan that incorporates OER to enhance student learning. Share this document with your classmates. Their emails are available in the link below:

email share


Reflect on the following questions: Did you find useful materials in the different repositories that you visited? Explain a lesson you envision using OER resources.

Post your reflection here.

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